Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Indigenous Voices of Abya Yala (2011) Contributors

Joseph Ames is of Irish descent and is currently attending the Peralta Colleges in the East Bay.

Joel Kurke is a Blackfeet, Irish and Polish poet and emcee living in Seattle, Washington.

marcie rendon; white earth anishinabe, mother, grandmother, writer and sometimes performance artist.

Jennifer Lisa Vest is a mixedblood (Black/Florida Seminole) gay poet born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.

Mica Valdez is Native and mixed (mexica, swedish, irish, spanish, and african), two spirit artist working on Indigenous global issues to effect social change and protect mother earth.

Rebecca Ruiz-Lichter, xicana, born and raised in the bay area works with Decolonize Oakland.

Gerri L. Williams is from the Pacific Northwest; she is a writer, poet and singer with the Muckleshoot Canoe Family.

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