Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Poem by Marcie Rendon

Earth Memory

Earth memory holds me

I lay on the bones of my ancestors
Rhythms of silence run deep
As each breath
Each breath gives life

our grandmother’s dust
Is watered with the fallen dreams
of all women
all women
all women
sacrifice dreams for future generations

A breath of wind
Weaves Water
weaving dreams
We live whole lives between
Each breath

Our grandmothers dust
Waters our dreams
This accumulation of hope
Feeds our souls
Breathe life
Breathe life into being

In this season of abundance
Hear grandmother’s breath echo
Her breath moves
All the winds of time
All life intertwined

Earth memory holds me
Holds me to the ground
Holds me on the ground
Holds me in the ground
And sets me free

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