Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rainbows, Teddy bears, and drugs - Poem by Osita


I had a good childhood

Rainbows, Fun, and love

Rainbows at Santa Rita on Bright rainy visiting days

I remember the heaviness in my pockets,

The change I would put on my mom's books, thinking it would make a difference.

Walking around Oakland with the cops following us,

Being just a little girl and knowing what it was all about.

We always had it all

My mama took good care of us

Even though she was addicted

To that white powdery stuff

She was like a goddess to us.

I remember playing with drugs, cold guns, sharp knives, and cute little baby dolls.

I didn't even know my dad's name, yet the names of drugs slurred out my mouth.

Till this day I remember clearly the day they took my mommy away

The pigs pulling her away, I cried my little heart out trying to make her stay.

But they did not let her go, not even so she could explain

That day I met hate

I was a little girl who felt pain in her heart and hate in her veins

While other little kids were at home talking with their mom

A tear dropped on the letter I was writing to mine

I loved my childhood with big smiles, emptiness, love, and pain,

I don't want to live in shame when there's things I just can't change.


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